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Plank Road sits squarely at the intersection between two worlds. On the one side, classic Downtown Brooklyn, with its National Register of Historic Places buildings and tree-lined streets; a preserved neighborhood rich with the flavors of community. On the other, bustling modern, cosmopolitan downtown, with its blend of restaurants, prime shopping outlets and boutiques humming with culture. Home to the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) as well as the Brooklyn Nets (housed in the distinctive Barclays Center), the neighborhood is also within walking distance of Brooklyn’s own centerpiece, Prospect Park.

Prospect Park Boathouse

Built for those who want to plant roots, but stay connected to the pulse of the city.

point of departure

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The Barlow


all within reach

Everything about this neighborhood speaks to a genuine celebration of diversity; from the fact that you can go from one block to another and get a totally different vibe, to the idea that this is where people naturally gravitate to be themselves, to be different and to be part of that variety.

Prospect Heights represents the perfect fusion of old and new, convenience and variety, flavor and entertainment. A world within itself, you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere what is already within arm’s reach.

Alta Calidad

sample something different

There can be no question that Brooklyn is in no ways competing with anyplace else when it comes to the variety and availability of different types of cuisine, from the most high-end, to your local coffee shop, but beyond that, more and more places are popping up that celebrate the hybrid or fusion spirit that motivates so many of its restaurants.

BKLYN Larder

Brooklyn Academy of Music

the culture of culture

Brooklyn has always been a pioneer neighborhood for the arts, with the Brooklyn Academy of Music as a pre-eminent space for representing the pulse of the neighborhood and the greater artistic community.

Brooklyn Museum

  • cafés & eateries
    • Alta Calidad
    • Ample Hills Creamery Prospect Heights
    • Bergen Bagels
    • BKLYN Larder
    • Black Iron Burger
    • Broccolino
    • Chuko
    • Ciao, Gloria
    • Clever Blend
    • Doughnut Plant
    • Everyman Espresso
    • Faun
    • Geido
    • Gorilla Coffee
    • Hungry Ghost Coffee
    • Insomnia Cookies
    • James
    • Ki Sushi
    • Kimoto Rooftop Restaurant & Garden Lounge
    • Little Cupcake Bakeshop
    • Look Thai
    • Maison Yaki
    • Milk Bar
    • Mokbar BK
    • Morgan's Brooklyn Barbecue
    • Nerd Be Cool Espresso Lab
    • Olde Brooklyn Bagel Shoppe
    • Olmsted
    • Otway
    • Sisters
    • Sushi Lin
    • The Bagel Store - Original Rainbow Bagel
  • breweries & bars
    • Art Club
    • Bearded Lady
    • Blew Smoke
    • Branded Saloon
    • Circa Brewing Co.
    • EastVille Comedy Club
    • Finback Brooklyn
    • Gold Star Beer Counter
    • Hops Hill
    • LaLou
    • McMahon's Public House
    • Ode to Babel
    • St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe
    • Sweet Polly
    • Threes Brewing
    • Weather Up
    • Wild East Brewing Co.
  • shopping
    • Apple Downtown Brooklyn
    • Botanica Garden Center
    • Kith Brooklyn
    • Paper Source
    • Psychic Records
    • R&A Cycles Brooklyn
    • Ride Brooklyn
    • Target
    • UNIQLO Atlantic Terminal
    • Unnameable Books
  • lifestyle & convenience
    • Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown Brooklyn
    • CityMD Prospect Heights Urgent Care - Brooklyn
    • CVS Pharmacy
    • Dean Organic Market
    • Duane Reade
    • Fleishers Craft Butchery
    • Foodtown of Prospect Heights
    • George's 2 Barber Shop
    • North Slope Veterinary
    • Prospect Heights Animal Hospital
    • R&D Foods
    • Whole Foods Market
  • wellness
    • Brooklyn Meditation
    • Lava Dance Co
    • Mark Morris Dance Group
    • Orangetheory Fitness
    • Park Slope Yoga Center
    • SoulCycle PKSP - Park Slope
  • landmarks & culture
    • Barclays Center
    • Brooklyn Academy of Music
    • Brooklyn Botanic Garden
    • Brooklyn Museum
    • Cuyler Gore
    • Dean Playground
    • Grand Army Plaza
    • Prospect Park
    • Prospect Park Boathouse
    • Sixteen Sycamores
    • South Oxford Park
    • Thomas Greene Playground
  • makers
    • Brooklyn Clay Industries
    • Brooklyn People’s Pottery
    • Complete Music Studios
    • Prospect Studios
    • StoneBrown Studios
    • Trout Recording
  • transportation
    • 7 Avenue Station
    • Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center Station
    • Grand Army Plaza Station
    • Lafayette Avenue

see you around the neighborhood

Over time, your home will expand to include all that the area has to offer. With Prospect Park just a hop, skip, and a jump from your door, you will undoubtedly come to appreciate the neighborhood as an intrinsic part of the Plank Road experience.

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